Richard A. Dictor is the founder and primary consultant for RAD Tech Telecom. He started the company in 2015 following a successful career in business-to-business sales and management, working in various size organizations across multiple industries.


For 30 years, Richard has built a reputation as a trusted advisor by providing a consultative sales approach to his clients. He has become known as a professional fully qualified to help customers solve business problems.


Since launching the business, Richard has immersed himself in the world of Information and Communications Technology, including apprenticing himself for a lengthy period of time to train and learn his new field while also working toward earning industry related certifications.

What does RAD do?

RAD Tech Telecom operates similarly to an independent insurance broker. As a technology broker, I work with select Master Agencies, representing over 100 carriers and hosted/managed services providers offering an extensive range of Telecommunications and Information Technology (IT) solutions.

With our industry partner relationships and expertise, we help you evaluate your current Telecom and IT infrastructure, performance and expenses to assist your company in finding the most qualified vendors to best meet your need requirements. We help businesses navigate the expanse of providers offering the newest technology at the most competitive pricing possible.


How does RAD work with clients?

We start with an open discovery conversation regarding what you have now and how well it is serving you. We then talk about your current and future needs. We analyze your existing contracts and invoices in a painless audit. If appropriate, we will present you with recommendations and/or proposals and you decide. If you move forward with an opportunity, we work hand-in-hand with your in-house tech and operations people to ensure a seamless transition and post-implementation support.


Can I just go direct and do this by myself?

Yes you can. But why would you want to? RAD can provide more and better information faster. As a services broker, RAD offers objectivity as we are not biased toward any particular vendor. With access to many suppliers, we can find the right fit every time.

And by putting a significant volume through our providers, we have a gateway to special pricing that you cannot obtain direct. You get to leverage our channel partnerships.

In working with RAD, you receive guidance in navigating through the process of quoting, selecting an appropriate provider, provisioning and any customer service issues that may arise.


What does RAD charge?

Imagine a consultant without fees? There is no up-front or out-of-pocket cost to the client. I am compensated when you choose to work with a recommended vendor I represent. They bill you directly and pay me after the fact. You never pay us anything.


How do I save time and money by working with you?

We represent numerous leading edge firms that are driving the forward progress in the industry and get you the best rates available, including all current special promotions. We shop the market so you don’t have to.


What other benefits can I expect to receive by working with RAD?

If you are interested in acquiring technology solutions, I can help you reduce or eliminate capital expenditures allowing for greater flexibility with lower cost of ownership.

I am always looking out for your best interest… before, during and after the sale. Always maintaining integrity, I provide project management oversight and accountability.

In addition to constantly keeping abreast of current technology trends, I am invested in and committed to your success.


Why should I be looking at my current business communications infrastructure?

Because it make good business sense! It’s never a bad time to look at your existing situations to make sure you are making sound business decisions. And it may be especially timely if you are:

  • moving or adding locations
  • need to control operating costs and would like to audit your existing contracts or consider options as they come up for renewal
  • have any lingering concerns regarding
    • maintaining aging server hardware
    • maintaining obsolete software
    • network security
    • disaster recovery / business continuity
    • bandwidth issues
    • unifying company communications
    • phone equipment reaching end-of-life
    • managing mobile devices
  • interested in exploring how new technology might be able to help your organization in a myriad of ways

How do I get started?

Contact RAD today and schedule a meeting!

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  • 3835 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd
  • Suite 246
  • Westlake Village, CA 91362

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