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As is universally understood, we work and live in a hyper-connected world. Without digital connections, very little business communications would be possible because most technology would not function correctly.


Are you making the most of your connectivity options to maximize potential outcomes?


How can I do that?

Voice & Data Services

It’s all about the Bandwidth!

Whether your needs are centered around Internet access and data transmission or your phone system or both, we can help you narrow down the many choices to ensure top performance and cost efficiency.

  • Ethernet over Fiber & Copper (EoC /EoF)
  • T1’s & Bonded T1’s
  • Dedicated access (DIA)
  • Point to Point
  • SIP Trunks
  • Fixed wireless
  • 4G LTE
  • Wi-Fi
  • DSL
  • T1’s
  • PRI’s & standard POTS (analog) lines
  • Toll free numbers
  • Local & long distance calling plans


Acronyms a bit too much? With so many transports available, let us help you determine what will work best in your environment and custom design a solution around your need requirements.

Telecom Audit

Is it time?

Do you need more bandwidth?

Do you feel like you might be paying too much for your Internet service?

Are you getting the most cost effective rates for your voice calling plan?


If you haven’t taken a close look at this in the past 1-2 years, and especially if longer, you may be in a position to improve operational performance or save money or both. A telecom expense and performance review can greatly enhance the value from your telecom spend.


We will perform a comprehensive analysis of your invoices to identify and report billing errors or overcharges, eliminate unnecessary services and charges, and proactively search for alternate carriers offering savings opportunities.

Telecom Services

We’re here to help!

Facility relocations: We can assist you with project plans for managing the entire relocation of telecom services and equipment including ordering, verifying network service availability and coordinating multiple vendors.


New locations: We can handle the above for a new start-up location.


Vendor relationships: We can introduce and manage relationships between clients and professional contractors including cabling, phone room equipment and systems integrations.


Moves, Adds & Changes (MAC): Through account representation, we can provide a central point of contact for the facilitation of moves, additions and changes.


Market comparisons: Our expert staff is capable of making telecom market comparisons to find the best available conditions pertaining to carrier quality and service issues.


Vendor proposal validation: We are capable of assessing the market in order to assist you in comparing telecom proposals you may already be reviewing.


Dispute resolution & recovery: We have a qualified resource that can effectively resolve disputes with telecom network service providers. If a dispute between you and a carrier is unresolved, we can help by stepping in to validate and negotiate a resolution.


Telecom Expense Management: We can help you enable better visibility into your inventory, suppliers, contracts and more allowing you to manage your services, track orders, validate invoices and control spending.

Business Continuity (BC) – Disaster Recovery (DR)

This cannot be overlooked!

Also referred to as Managed Failover, BC-DR is a must conversation if your business relies on Internet connectivity to do business. That means virtually 100% of companies would be unable to continue operations in the event of an Internet access outage, unless they have a solution for redundancy in place. Yet,


50% of small-medium business (SMB’s) do not

66% are in areas prone to natural disaster

86% have experienced one or more periods of downtime in the past 12 months.


The solution is to take measures that will allow a business to run without interruption and ensure that critical business functions continue to operate as normal during and after a disaster, including unnatural ones.


Under a BC-DR plan, if/when the primary access should happen to fail for any reason, the secondary access point will seamlessly come online so the business experiences no downtime whatsoever and is able to recover specific IT applications.

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