Other B2B Solutions

Why didn’t we think of this?

With our Telecom & IT industry partnerships, we also have access to leading providers in other B2B services offerings. Small-medium businesses and mid-market accounts can take advantage of other various cost savings opportunities as well as operational process improvement.

Merchant Services

When was the last time you looked at your costs to accept credit card payments?

If your business processes a high volume of credit card transactions in either a Point of Sale or an e-commerce environment, and you haven’t compared competitors in a while or ever, you may want to examine this. Not only can you reduce your cost, you can also enhance card data security and ensure business continuity.

Our selected service provider offers

  • Competitive rate options with low Interchange
  • 24-hour Customer & Tech support
  • Contract options, including no contract
  • Industry leading equipment
  • Virtual terminals
  • Other applications

This basic business function doesn’t have to be “it is what it is”.


Have you ever looked closely at your energy costs?

If your company owns its own building or occupies a large commercial office space, you’re probably concerned with energy costs. You might also be interested in Green initiatives. If so, there are alternatives you may not be aware of.

We are partnered with a company offering

  • Deregulated Gas & Electric – Discount procurement for the commercial market (electricity does not apply in CA)
  • Utility bill audits – Energy cost optimization through a deep knowledge of tariff and rate structures
  • Operational monitoring – Turnkey programs that optimize consumption and deliver savings
  • HVAC – Intelligent solutions to boost your building sustainability score; predictive optimization automatically controls systems resulting in cost reduction and improved comfort
  • Lighting – With a minimum cost savings of 50% over standard florescent, LED induction systems offer the best energy savings and system life
  • Water – A special valve that applies the principles of fluid dynamics can reward you financially
  • Waste – Effective solutions that bring costs down and help cash flow
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations – With electric vehicle sales continuing to rise, this will become a necessity to satisfy employee demand
  • Solar power – Full service distributed generation and battery storage for commercial and industrial sites (note, the Fed tax credits have been extended)

“It is what it is” is not always your only option!

Surveillance Systems

Always better safe than sorry!

When it comes to the security of your employees and the protection of your business property, don’t leave anything to chance. This is not something any business owner likes to think about, but it is becoming more prevalent and should not be ignored.

We partner with a third-party contractor that has many years of experience installing and servicing high quality security systems including HD cameras and digital video recorders. An affordable solution can be customized for any size business.

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